Pup vs Toddler!

With the very greatest respect to those of you currently raising a toddler or weaning a puppy, and an even greater amount of respect to those of you who may be doing both,  here’s my light hearted little take on why living with a 10 week old pup is more similar to living with a toddler than I had realized ….and I have done both. But not at the same time!!

Silence is no longer always golden.  It becomes worrying and you can’t relax until you know your little one is safe/not causing harm. This usually involves having them in your sight and preferably within reach.

Basic domestic tasks like sweeping the floor, folding the washing or hoovering take a lot longer and almost always turn into a little game.

You are followed everywhere – even to the loo.  But you don’t mind.

A stair-gate is a must and is your friend.

You notice little piles of ‘things to go upstairs’ building up because you don’t go upstairs on a whim anymore!!

The exact location and condition of the favourite toy is of paramount importance. Always.

Cardboard boxes take on a new meaning. They are now a potential toy, something to amuse and enjoy with your little one.

You watch them eat.  And you love it!

An inordinate amount of satisfaction is gained from seeing your little one go to the toilet if they are in the ‘right place’ and even more if they have asked to go there!

Someone says ‘I’ll have him for a while’  … you now know the meaning of relief.

They fall so fast asleep on your lap they are in danger of slipping off.  You might be cold, hungry or needing to pee, but you don’t move.  It’s one of the very best things.

Saying no is hard.  You do it but it’s hard.

There’s pretty much always a small charge underneath your feet which will be hurt and will squeal should you step on them.  Which you sometimes do.

Bedtime is a safe and cuddly time.  Silence can be golden now!!

And finally, you just love ’em and they love you right back!!




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